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dear blog

Dear Blog, Okay, for real? I wrote like... a whole long post about my life lately and you DELETED IT ALL. It's okay, I'll do this instead. I still love you to get my writing energy out, because I've had so much built up lately and no time to release any of it.

Dear Eastern Oregon, You are really beautiful! This valley was my home last year and it grew on me- lack of places to eat and things to do and all. I appreciate the weather (maybe not the wind, though) and the people it grew. EOU, I'll see you in September!
Dear Trampis and Jess, I can't say congratulations enough! To both of you for graduating, to both of you for getting engaged, and to both of you for taking the next steps towards your future careers. Tramp, It's going to be so fun to see you off and student teaching this year!! I can't wait to see you grow as a history teacher.
Dear Futon, You are NOT comfortable to sleep on, especially since I've been doing so for the past month... That…
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what have I been doing lately?

The last time I wrote on this blog (I had to specify that it was on this blog because the last time I wrote period was this morning. I have an obsession) was when I turned 19. Whoa, still feels weird to say that especially since I don't even think about the fact that I'm 19 like... ever. Who cares after 18, right?
The month after my birthday was pretty much a blur. I finished up my classes for winter term, which was a struggle cause 2/4 of the classes I didn't like. But nonetheless, I finished. I also got to have a couple adventures with T and Mox.

It was super weird being up at Starkey without our whole Waite family, but it was a fun little Sunday after noon with my roomies. That was the quiet before the storm.
I only had one in class final, and it was on the Monday of finals week. Previously, I had asked if I could have spring break off and that was a negative (Everyone was getting it off so that meant ella had to stay. I wasn't too bitter). So Since I wasn't …

turning nineteen years old

I feel like it's been such a long time since my fingers typed viciously on this keyboard for the reason of blogging. But it really hasn't even been a month yet! I guess it feels like such a long time because so much had happened.
I think the biggest thing that had happened is I changed!
From an eighteen year old to a nineteen year old ;) So in all honesty, I haven't changed AT ALL. I don't feel ANY different. 19 is such a weird age where I don't get any new freedoms like I did when I was eighteen (I made a list of all my new freedoms last year :)). AND I'm still a teenager, so that's weird, too. I can adopt a child, but I'm still a teenager. So silly :)
The week before my birthday weekend, my dad and step mom and two of my step brothers came to visit!! It was super quick but it consisted of a trip to Pendleton (in which my dad looked at a gravel lot and said "Trampis was born there, when there used to be a hospital". and to which I said &q…

dear love

Dear Love, Thank you for existing.
Dear Valentines Day, Thank you for giving up a whole day in which, no matter what our situation is, we are forced to contemplate love. Thank you for being a day. Thank you for all the flowers and chocolates and dinner dates that you suddenly rocket into importance.
Dear God, Love is the deciding factor to everything you do. I appreciate all the people who were tools in your hands that taught me that.
Dear Single People, Last year I saw so many posts on social media about the devils day that was valentines day, a day to make people lacking a significant other bad. This year wasn't as bad, but I still saw many posts. Please know, you are loved. Even if you don't think that statement is true. There are many people out there who have an overwhelming love for humanity as a whole, and you are included in that. Let other people celebrate their love ones. Celebrate yourself next year, tomorrow, the next day, forever. Love life. Love people you…