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dear blog

Dear Blog, Okay, for real? I wrote like... a whole long post about my life lately and you DELETED IT ALL. It's okay, I'll do this instead. I still love you to get my writing energy out, because I've had so much built up lately and no time to release any of it.

Dear Eastern Oregon, You are really beautiful! This valley was my home last year and it grew on me- lack of places to eat and things to do and all. I appreciate the weather (maybe not the wind, though) and the people it grew. EOU, I'll see you in September!

Dear Trampis and Jess, I can't say congratulations enough! To both of you for graduating, to both of you for getting engaged, and to both of you for taking the next steps towards your future careers. Tramp, It's going to be so fun to see you off and student teaching this year!! I can't wait to see you grow as a history teacher.

Dear Futon, You are NOT comfortable to sleep on, especially since I've been doing so for the past month... That's okay, you are only a temporary home and you allow me to spend the summer here, with some people whom I love.

Dear Kiddos, thanks for letting me take you on movie dates and red robin dates and letting me read harry potter to you. I love you both.

Dear Unger Farms, your berries are berry yummy. I love the view from the deck berry much. I do not care berry much for the hat that I have to constantly wear, but that's a okay. ;) Oh, and thanks for allowing me to come back for the summer!!


Dear Fourth of July, you're a cool holiday. It reminds us of the freedom we have, that other countries have, too, but that we are lucky to have. I appreciate you because you remind me that life can always be better. The people living in the 13 colonies, being taxed heavily by the British thought "life can be better than this" and strived to create an improved government FOR THE PEOPLE. We should all continue to strive for a government for the people. And in the meantime, keep setting off fireworks and play with sparklers.

Dear dad, Traci, and Chase, you guys are so amazing. I love spending time with you!!!! Movies, beach trips, yummy food, shopping... I have a home with you, wherever we go, and I'm so incredibly grateful for the personalities you bring to my life and the impact you have on me.

Dear beach, WHOA, you're beautiful. I can't relate to those people who say they aren't "beach people". Everyone is " beach people", it's the beach for heavens sake!

Dear Coulsen, you're cute. Sorry if that's gross for everyone else, but I had to put a shout out to you in here ;) Still bitter you're in La Grande without me but I'll get over it. I love ya.

Dear car, you have allowed me to travel SO MUCH in the last two months!!!! You've continued to be reliable and stylish. Although you get super super hot in the summer, I'm grateful for the places you take me, the people you allow me to see, and your speakers that let me BLAST my latest jam. I love you!!!!!!!! You live up to your name- Black Jack (Jackie for short).

Dear Britt, I've appreciated our friendship so much, over the last two and a half years. I continually walk away from our hang outs and adventures determined to be a better person. You remind me that judging other people get's you no where, that gossip sucks, that laughter is the best thing there is, that you can never have enough Mexican food and dutch bros, and that it's completely okay to not have your life totally in order. I love you!!! You just might be the best 19 year old I've ever met.
Thanks for going on adventures with me, for not giving me crap about my driving, and for listening to my rants and life problems.

Dear LDS church, I LOVE you. You're a comfort, you're a joy, you're a tool to better myself, you're my rock continuously. I don't know where I'd be without the teachings of this church, and the love of my god.
ps. you make the prettiest temples.

Dear reader, thanks for reading ;) I apologize for MIA lately... Life gets SO BUSY!! But I hope you enjoyed this little post. I figured I should get something semi-updated on here since my last post was in APRIL. I always appreciate anyone who reads this and who takes time to care about what I care about. I LOVE YOU!!


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