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what have I been doing lately?

The last time I wrote on this blog (I had to specify that it was on this blog because the last time I wrote period was this morning. I have an obsession) was when I turned 19. Whoa, still feels weird to say that especially since I don't even think about the fact that I'm 19 like... ever. Who cares after 18, right?

The month after my birthday was pretty much a blur. I finished up my classes for winter term, which was a struggle cause 2/4 of the classes I didn't like. But nonetheless, I finished.
I also got to have a couple adventures with T and Mox.

It was super weird being up at Starkey without our whole Waite family, but it was a fun little Sunday after noon with my roomies.
That was the quiet before the storm.

I only had one in class final, and it was on the Monday of finals week. Previously, I had asked if I could have spring break off and that was a negative (Everyone was getting it off so that meant ella had to stay. I wasn't too bitter). So Since I wasn't scheduled on Monday or Tuesday of finals week, and my coworker offered to cover my Wednesday shift, I headed off to Portland.

It meant to be a surprised for my mom and Lilli and Kellen, but I can't keep anything from my mom. Plus I shared my location with her so that kinda makes it hard to go anywhere without her knowing.

After my noon final, I headed out.

I decided, in the effort of money saving, that I wouldn't buy an audio book for this trip. That was a mistake.

But audio book or not, I made it through Portland traffic, and was greeted with surprised faces and ice cream. We mostly just hung around and talked that night.

The next morning I took my car to Les Schwab's to get my snow tires taken off and my regular ones put back on, which took sooooo long. I sat there by myself for two hours. It's okay, I got a lot of reading in.
Mom picked me up and took me out to lunch and we went shopping.

We picked the kiddos up from school and then picked my car up from the dealership.

We had dinner at the cutest place ever.


Tim took Lilli and I to finally see Beauty and the Beast. We all three loved it.

I go to get the kids dressed and take them to school the next day, but not after a game of headbands.
When did they become perfect mini people? They were just babies, weren't they?

Then I was off again. Because I was kinda dreading my ride home, and the next week that was coming (I was scheduled to work the next 7 days in a row), I decided to make the trip as fun for myself as possible.

My first fun stop was Multnomah falls. It was fun, for sure, until I locked my keys in the car on accident. This has NEVER happened to me before, and neither have I ever forgotten my wallet or cellphone anywhere. If you know me well, you know I have a system. Before I leave any place, I make sure I have my wallet, keys, and cellphone. It was torture to see my keys just sitting on the seat and me basically bashing my head in wondering how the heck I didn't notice I never put them in my pocket. This was my second mistake of this trip. haha

So what do you do in this situation?

Call Mom.

Mom does this new thing where she tells me what to do, she doesn't do it for me. It's super annoying, but I guess I'm supposed to learn or something like that ;)
I called road side assistance and within an hour, a 60-year-old man who smelled like weed and had three cats in his car pulled up and helped me break into my car.

I thought, of course this happens to me. My life sucks.

Mom told me it shouldn't ruin my day. There she goes again, trying to teach me things... how annoying ;). Since she's a smart women, I decided to listen to her.

Next stop on ella's fun filled 5 hour drive was one of our favorite restaurant in the Dalles.

And to answer your question, no, I didn't realize their personal pizza was this small. But I dealt with it. Plus, it was picture worthy.

Next stop: a different state.
You're probably like "WHAT?" and I'm like "YUP!"
I make the drive from La Grande to Portland and Portland to La Grande A LOT. I'm no stranger to all the cool things along the way. Two of those sit across the river, in your eyesight. The Maryhill  museum of art and the replica of Stonehenge. I've been to both of these cool places before, but since I waited for an hour at Multnomah falls for road side assistance (which is like the coolest thing ever, by the way), I decided to just stick with the less time-consuming and free Stonehenge.

I crossed the bridge into Washington. I'm not gonna lie, I love this age. I love being able to basically do whatever I'm feeling, and send my mom pictures afterward, and then her reply "how cool!". The first road trip I took, when I was 16 to Roseburg, this would not fly with her. But it's okay, I'm older and wiser now.

It was kinda a thrill to cross the bridge!

My feet on Washington soil!!!!! (technically concrete)

Hi Oregon!!!

Basically, the replica is dedicated to vets from the area who took part in the War to end all wars (WW1). So not only was I in Washington, not only was I pretending I was at the actually Stonehenge, but I was also paying my respects to Vets who fought in a war I've heard so much about. This is one of my favorite things to do. People go to the Portland Zoo? I'd rather walk around the Vietnam memorial on the same property. Man, I'm always in awe and full of respect and sorrow when i'm in these kind of places. It was cool.

I got a pop from pilot and cracked. Yes, people, I caved. I bought an audio book.

Stephen King, have I told you lately that you're a creepy genius?

Finally, I was home.

I worked my butt off for a solid week. I hung out with my aunts and cousins who were in town for their spring break, and I watched a lot of Netflix. I talked to multiple people on face time. I cleaned out my room and threw away a bunch of junk. It was all a blast :)

School started again yesterday and even though I've only had two of my three classes (my math teacher is at a conference so we won't be meeting until Friday of this week) I'm loving them both.

Well, this was long. And I'm EXHAUSTED. And I need to go shopping for food.

Hopefully, I'll write soon about something cool.

THANK YOU FOR READING AGAIN!! You guys are the best fans ;) I love you, truly.

Singing off until the next time I ramble,
Ella Frances Waite


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