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turning nineteen years old

I feel like it's been such a long time since my fingers typed viciously on this keyboard for the reason of blogging. But it really hasn't even been a month yet! I guess it feels like such a long time because so much had happened.

I think the biggest thing that had happened is I changed!

From an eighteen year old to a nineteen year old ;) So in all honesty, I haven't changed AT ALL. I don't feel ANY different. 19 is such a weird age where I don't get any new freedoms like I did when I was eighteen (I made a list of all my new freedoms last year :)). AND I'm still a teenager, so that's weird, too. I can adopt a child, but I'm still a teenager. So silly :)

The week before my birthday weekend, my dad and step mom and two of my step brothers came to visit!! It was super quick but it consisted of a trip to Pendleton (in which my dad looked at a gravel lot and said "Trampis was born there, when there used to be a hospital". and to which I said "uh HELLO!! I was born there too!" which had the whole car laughing), shooting guns, dinner, and milkshakes. It was short but fun.

I snapped some pictures of us shooting.

ANYWAY!! On my birthday for the last three years, my mom has planned some kind of day-trip instead of gifting me things. I guess this tradition started when I was 16- when mom and I made a trip up to Portland (I was living in Roseburg at the time). When I was 17 we went to seaside with Mom, Tim, Lilli, Kellen, Trampis, Jess and I. 18 was Seattle, with the same group of people. This year was just a day around Portland with the same group of people plus one :)

The weekend started with traveling.

And the next day began with Lilli and Kellen's basketball game. And yes, that's my friend Coulsen as the guest. Oh! And my grandpa and his friend Julie :)

Lunch at Chick-fil-a.

These were all taken at my fav place THE PITTOCK MANSION! I just realized that all of these pictures are of Coulsen, Lilli, and I haha. That's because, since there were so many of us we kinda split into groups. As you can see, Lillian tagged in with Couls and I.

The next stop on the birthday train was Salt & Straw. SO YUMMY! We also looked in a few stores around that area, because it's so dang cute.

The rest of the day we spent at pioneer square shopping and looking around. We ended the day by eating at Gustav's. Also yummy.

We hung around for the rest of the night and had a good time just being in each others company.

This was short but I wanted to get it up there to just inform everyone about what's been happening. I'm sure many people already know because of all the social media I have... But I just thought I should say I LOVE MY FAMILY! Both sides, each and every one of them. Although 19 doesn't seem like that big of a milestone, I know it's just that much closer to the rest of my life. I'm not trying too hard to grow up but I'm just so excited. College does this to you! Presents you with this plan for the rest of your life and then says, "well, you actually have to wait four more years". How lame is that?


Signing off until next time,
Ella Frances Waite


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